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Patient Data Extraction

The government plans to extract confidential information from your medical records to be used by the NHS to improve the services offered in order to provide the best possible care for everyone. This information along with your postcode and NHS number but not your name, are sent to a secure system where it can be linked with other health information.This allows those planning NHS services or carrying out medical research to use information from different parts of the NHS in a way which does not identify you. You have a choice. If you are happy for your information to be used in this way you do not have to do anything. If you have any concerns or wish to prevent this from happening, please speak to practice staff or ask at reception for a copy of the leaflet "How information about you helps us to provide better care". More information can be found at

Patient Participation Group

The patient survey report for 2013/14 has now been finalised. Click on this link to read the report.

We are still looking for more patients to join the Patient Participation Group. For further information, please see here.